Back in November 2015, fitness champion Sabrina Grima reached a momentous achievement in her career by winning the WBFF Pro Fitness Diva Competition, where she was also placed fourth in the WBFF Pro Bikini Diva category.



Last August, Sabrina packed her bags and headed all the way to Toronto, Canada to compete in the WBFF Worlds as a WBFF Pro Fitness Diva. This marks her first Pro competition, where she shared the stage with other gorgeous world-renowned Pro Divas such as Andrea Brazier and Hattie Boyde. She was placed with the top 15 from a total of 55 international competitors.

Sabrina also had another Pro show in London, UK the following November, and following her August results, she was more focused and determined to achieve a better place for herself and Malta.



“I’m a person who’s very competitive, and I don’t easily give up till I get what I want… I had to do some changes in my workout and meal plans, increased my late night gym sessions, over and above my own Insanity classes in the evening, three times a week. Competing is a lot of hard work, sacrifices and dedication. Luckily, I’m surrounded by people who support me and keep me going at my worst, and I’d like to thank all of my great supporters and the ones who stuck with me, helping me and guiding me…”



She’s just returned from her second Pro show – the WBFF Pro AM European Championships – in London, UK. Her hard work was definitely rewarded.

“I was super amazed when my name and country was called as second runner up in my category! I was placed third in the WBFF PRO Fitness Diva Competition! Honestly, I still find it hard to believe. This has given me courage, and I’m now more determined than ever to keep putting Malta at the top in the female body building category.”