The human being’s innate ability to spring into action in order to survive is a dormant but present power. Charlene Mercieca is a remarkable example of how a person can tap into this strength and also be the impetus for those who need it most through her initiative, Glamourosity. We had the privilege of speaking to Charlene about her journey so far.

Firstly, how are you?

I’m very well, thank you!

Many will always vividly remember the moment they or their loved ones receive the news of cancer. Can you tell us how you felt when you were given the news?

I was obviously devastated. For the first few days, I was already planning on how to leave behind loved ones, my business, and all that was close to me.. But then my stubbornness kicked in. I wasn’t going down without a fight. For me, the option of chemotherapy was not the ultimate solution, but part of my holistic treatment towards better health. I started researching complementary and alternative treatments such as microbiotic diets, meditation, qigong, homeopathic treatments, juicing and supplements. Although chemotherapy may have contributed to my recovery, all the other healing processes were imperative to keep my moral high. They kept me focused on my health and not on my diagnosis. I also healed my emotional wounds which I had been carrying for a while.


Image credit: Tonio Lombardi


Your initiative in the form of Glamourosity is proof of your immense will to not only survive but to also help others do the same. Talk us through all that the initiative has to offer.

Most of the time, we talk about physical well-being while ignoring the fact that emotions play a major role in our health, and this is something that I’m striving to make people aware of. This diagnosis had been a very big lesson for me, because even though I was always very aware of healthy eating and what products to put on my skin, I had become very stressed out by trying to change the world; I then realised that I was the one who needed to change.

Glamourosity is basically my journey of being more self-aware, together with things that have helped me both physically and emotionally. I believe that a bad situation can either make you bitter or better, and this choice is not up to fate, but up to you. Glamourosity is an ongoing project, or rather a learning curve to anyone who’s hungry for more information. I’m not trying to help people by forcing any information onto them, but by giving them the tools to discover their own journey.


Image credit: Tonio Lombardi


Looking back on your journey now that you’ve recovered, what advice would you give yourself if you had to go back in time?

Relax and enjoy the moment.

A beautiful positivity emanates from your story. But would you say that it’s alright to grieve or to be afraid every now and then?

Those who go through my journal will actually see that I was scared, that I was in pain, that I grieved and that I was also very angry too. The only difference is that I allowed these feelings in first, then acted upon them. It’s not about not being afraid, but about trying to step away from all fears for a bit so that you can see things in perspective. Fear has a tendency to paralyse us into taking action, and that’s why it’s so important to still our minds and ask what our body truly needs.


Image credit: Tonio Lombardi


What was your best coping mechanism or source of energy throughout your illness?

My coping mechanism was to actually research and be open to all healing methods. This gave me a sense of control over my life. I wasn’t just aiming to be cancer free but to also heal my life. It came to a point where it didn’t matter when I leave my physical body; it became just about learning from my diagnosis and accepting the outcome whatever it may be. It stopped being a fight and became a journey of self-discovery.


You’ve come this far. Where to now?

Glamourosity is an ongoing project. It’s my continuous research on holistic well-being, encompassing emotions and physical and psychological well-being. It never aimed to have a destination; it aimed to enjoy the journey.