The winners of the 2015 – 2016 JAYE Malta Start Up Programme, Freshy, from the University of Malta, have been featured in CNBC’s 10 of the World’s Hottest Start Ups in 2016.

Freshy founders, who are currently still University students, will be participating in the 2016 Startup Open finals, where they’ll be connecting with mentors over the next four weeks before a winner is announced on the 5th January 2017.

Freshy is a cloud and mobile platform that is intended to solve the global challenge of food waste, which makes up more than 50% of total waste. Of this waste, 23% is ready-made food that could be eaten but is routinely thrown away due to “made fresh daily” policies.

Freshy allows businesses to sell precooked food instead of throwing it away, while customers benefit from discounts and help environmental sustainability. Users can elect to receive push notifications based on their location and personal food preferences.


 Left to Right: Julian Azzorpardi – JAYE CEO, David Pace – JAYE Chairperson, Anatoliy Gatt – Freshy, Valeria Lobanova – Freshy, Svetlana Mitrakhovich – Freshy, Gleb Eliseev – Freshy, Kevin Valenzia – Territory Senior Partner, PwC Bernard Agius – Manager innovation, MCA


The company was founded following the team’s participation in the JAYE Malta Start Up Programme, where they won the overall Start Up of The Year Award. Founded by Anatoliy Gatt, a former iOS developer as CEO, Valeria Lobanova, CFO, Svetlana Mitrakhovich CMO, and Gleb Eliseev as COO, the team have used the summer to refine their concept by participating in several other Start Up activities and initiatives, including the Climate Launch Pad.

Julian Azzopardi, CEO of JAYE Malta commented, “We feel immensely proud of this team who transformed their dream into a vision, into reality! As an educational entity supporting local entrepreneurship, we congratulate Freshy for their innovative concept and perseverance. Freshy is an excellent ambassador of the JAYE model for entrepreneurship which is focused on learning by doing. We hope that their success will inspire other young entrepreneurs to take on their dream!”

This year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week includes 165 countries and roughly 10 million people. One of its marquee events is the annual Startup Open competition, a global competition that gives entrepreneurs a virtual stage in which to pitch their ideas. This year, founders from 101 countries submitted 1,018 start-ups for consideration. Seventy-three percent are from outside the United States. The winner will receive a free trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, where they will present teir project on stage at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress.

Freshy is up against BrighTap – Israel, MeetHere – USA, OneTest Diagnostics – United Kingdom, – India, QEYE – Egypt, Marini Naturals – Kenya, Karz- Israel, Boltt Sports Technologies – India, Cookies and Cookies – Colombia, among others.