A new brand of artisan loose-leaf tea, Tettiera™, has joined forces with local artist Stephanie Borg to reintroduce the ritual of tea-drinking in the consumers’ daily routine, whilst also offering indigenous and vibrant art that enhances the soul of any home.



The Tettiera™ packaging has been designed by Stephanie Borg, which was inspired by traditional Maltese tiles. The artist kept the various colour tones subdued, so as to reflect the different types of tea and their calming nature. Her lifelong fascination with old Maltese patterned tiles has also inspired her Malta Tile Collection, and her gift wrap paper and the newly-launched placemats are amongst the artist’s products that depict her meticulous ink drawings of traditional Maltese doors.



Inspired by the Maltese generations of old, the tea leaves of Tettiera™ are carefully sourced from tea plantations around the world, and are inspired by local flavours such as the Maltese Carob. The brand name is also derived from the Maltese word for ‘teapot’tettiera.



Tettiera™ offers 17 varieties of loose leaf tea packaged in airtight pouches, packed in Kraft paper tubes. The collections include Black and Oolong Tea, Flavoured Black Tea, Green and White tea, Chai and Rooibos, as well as Herbal infusions.



Discover teas you never knew you loved, thanks to the Tettiera™ Trial Gift Box – a little discovery treasure box with the perfect combination for any tea lover. This little elegant gift box consists of 13 tea blends and a little surprise book. Discover the flavours and aromas of each blend that have been hand packed in unbleached tea bags.



Stephanie has recently launched a newly renovated boutique studio in Rabat, with a fresh collection that includes mixed media illustrations on espresso sets and placemats and, last but not least, an online shop which includes more than 300 items. You can now have your own exclusive Tettiera Tea Party organised for any occasion at this vivacious studio. The party packages will include a tea concept setting, tea tasting sessions, beverages and finger food to create that picture-perfect tea party experience.


Tettiera is available for retail online here and in select boutiques.