Everyone’s been calling us crazy.

Crazy because we’re not following the norm for couples. To most, the norm is following a certain way of doing things after you fall in love with someone and deside to spend the rest of your life with them. You both have to be settled in steady jobs, which will then allow you to buy a house, get married and start a family.

We are Romy and Luke from Tag Along Travellers, and we’ve done everything upside down. After falling in love, we got engaged, and instead of following the norm, we both left our jobs. Romy was a teacher and Luke was the owner of a successful business he had built himself from scratch.



What’s the use of having a secure job if you’re not happy? We didn’t want to live as society expected us to. We wanted to live by our mantra; dream, believe and make it happen. While other couples would normally buy a house together, Luke sold his house, which made things even more real when starting our lives from a blank page.



Instead of planning our wedding, we decided to travel for nine months, returning only a few days before the wedding. Why? We believe that it’s useless spending all that time and energy on one single day. Ultimately, the most important thing that we needed to book for the wedding to happen was ourselves and our love.



We decided to travel not to escape life, but to invest in our relationship. We didn’t want to build our future based on the time we spend together after work and at the weekends. This journey is helping us spend 24/7 together. This will either make us or break us.



So far, we’ve been travelling for four full months. We’ve spent a month in Colombia and two months on a European road trip. We’ve now started our six-month journey through Asia. We’re not only creating memories, but we’re learning more about each other. You’d assume that after two and a half years together, we’d know each other pretty well by now, but this is so untrue. Now that we have more time to spend together, we’re discovering qualities about each other that other couples may not get to see due to their busy lives, juggling between work, hobbies, outings and building a relationship. We’re creating a lifestyle that we want to live. We’re making decisions together and learning to compromise in the process. Travelling together has already started bearing its fruits. In fact, after four months of travelling, we’ve learnt seven important lessons so far.



In the meantime, we’re discovering both ourselves and what we want to do in life. No life is sustainable without a source of income. This journey is helping us understand how we can make an income through our passion that is travelling.

In this series on, we’ll be sharing with you with useful travel tips and informative and entertaining blogs learnt through our journey that has inspired hundreds of people to chase their dreams and reject the life society expects them to lead.

For more information on Romy and Luke’s adventures, check out the Tag Along Travellers page.