Lo and behold, The Comedy Knights have done it again.

With the mince pies in the oven and baby Jesuses already on the window sills, so too comes the yearly Christmas tradition of The Comedy Knights. But this year, they’ve only gone and broken their own record by doubling the number of tickets sold by this point last year! They’ve managed to move over 3,500 tickets just in the pre-sale, rendering them the fastest selling show of the festive season for the second time in a row.

Image credit: Francesca Rizzo


Now in its fourth year, this year’s edition is titled Just4Laughs, and performances kick off on the 26th December for another round of hilarious, satirical, slightly-political, no-hoots-given sketches.

The tickets are now actually on sale for the general public, with shows on every day between Boxing Day and the 8th January 2017, bar New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.


Image credit: Francesca Rizzo


“Ticketholders will get to experience the electric chemistry between some of Malta’s funniest and wackiest comedians, namely Sir Chris Dingli, Lady Pia Zammit, Sir Marc Cabourdin, Sir Thomas Camilleri, Lady Jo Caruana, Sir Colin Fitz, Sir Steve Hili and the latest edition to our menagerie: Lady Chantelle Micallef Grimaud,” says the founder of TAC Theatre and the director of Just4Laughs, Wesley Ellul.

Tickets to the highly-anticipated show can be purchased from the Comedy Knights website, and audiences can expect all their favourite characters, including The Sliema Girls, The First Lady, and Simon and Joseph to make a cameo, along with many new faces who’ll be singing, dancing, (pretend) acting and having a blast.


Image credit: Francesca Rizzo


“It’s been a crazy train wreck of a year, both locally and internationally,” Wesley continues. “Our writers, comedians Chris Dingli and Steve Hili, really have it easy this year… I mean, between Trump, Brexit, the morning-after pill and the Paceville Masterplan, we’re set for an awesome round of laughs and mind-numbing revelations.”

Tickets to the show are quite literally selling faster than hotcakes, and some dates are almost already sold out, including Boxing Day, the 27th and the 30th December, and the 6th and 7th January. So, what are you waiting for?!


Image credit: Francesca Rizzo


The Comedy Knights’ Just4Laughs is sponsored by Le Bistro, XFM, Pepsi, Carlsberg, M&S and Jesmond Mizzi Financial Services.