Nobody loves food as much as the Maltese.

So of course, it’s only natural that some of our achievements are fueled by this passion. One such example is Anatoliy Gatt’s cloud and mobile platform, Freshy – a notification program that aims to to reduce global food waste.

Food waste makes up more 50% of our global waste, and 23% of this is precooked food that cannot be sold due to ‘made fresh daily’ policies. Instead, it’s thrown away by supermarkets and companies. Freshy is trying to combat this by allowing businesses to sell it to customers who will benefit from discounts, whilst helping environmental sustainability. Users can be notified about food that’s about to be thrown away, depending on their location and personal food preferences.



Former iOS developer Anatoliy Gatt, along with CFO Valeria Lobanova, CMO Svetlana Mitrakhovich and COO Gleb Eliseev, are the founders of this initiative, which has made it to this year’s CNBC’s 10 of the World’s Hottest Start-Ups.

Good on you, team!