My mother used to say that no matter how busy, harassed, or in a hurry she was, she would never ever leave the house without first putting on her eyeliner. All other kinds of make up were optional. Eyeliner was compulsory.



Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I’ve always been a huge fan of it, especially in black. Ever since I started putting on make up (from my early teens), I also started habitually keeping one stub of black eyeliner pencil in each of my handbags in order never to be left in the lurch. In light of the amount of handbags I have – which I admit is considerable – this is actually freakier than it sounds.

Black eyeliner has always been my favourite. It’s elegant, blends in with any type of dress or style, and gives the impression of smokier and darker eyes. I admit that I also jazz up my look with blue or even dark purple eyeliner on occasion, but black has been my staple for around fifteen years now.

And I had honestly believed this would never change. That is, until I discovered the multiple joys and uses of white eyeliner.



Most people, I’m sure, wouldn’t even think that white eyeliner even had a purpose, let alone include it in their day-to-day make up routine. Let’s get this straight: first and perhaps most importantly, although black eyeliner does give one a darker and more penetrating look, when applied incorrectly or to the waterline of your eye, it actually makes one’s eyes look smaller, which is not a problem if you have doe eyes or a narrow forehead, but which most of us try to steer clear of. White eyeliner on the other hand definitely gives the impression of fuller eyes when applied to the waterline and inner tip of the eye. It also gives the impression of a fresher look – perfect for any one of those Monday mornings when you haven’t really quite woken up all the way yet.

White eyeliner can, of course, be used on its own to frame the eyes, creating a very chic elegant look, especially when applied in the winged-eye style with a flick at the end. It’s also amazing when applied in a double layer with black eyeliner, as it creates a very stark contrast, giving the illusion that your eye is deeper. When blended over the rest of the eyelid, instead of being left as a thick line, it also gives the impression of an eyeshadow. In fact, white eyeliner can also be used as an eyeshadow base, as when traced and blended underneath other colours, it goes on to give them more luminosity and bring out the shades of colour more brilliantly. It can also be used to create a triple-layer, or a sandwiched winged look. To recreate this, first line your upper lash line with black eye-liner, then apply the white eyeliner just above it, following the same line, and finish off by applying a coloured liner, or even eyeshadow, on top. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are fans of this look.

A small tip – white eyeliner can also be used to highlight brow bones, and even create the illusion of a wider forehead. Simply draw some white lines above and under your brows as well as one line vertically in the middle of your forehead and smudge it outwards! It is very important to blend it in as much as you can.



Notwithstanding its name, white eyeliner can also be used on the lips. To make your lips look fuller, apply the white shade at the top of your cupids’ bow directly in the middle, as well as below your lower lip. Blend it with your fingers to give your lips a 3D effect and make them look plumper. White eyeliner can also be used as a base for lipstick instead of your lipliner; simply apply it to the inner sides of your lips and blend it as a base before putting on your lipstick, in order for this to last longer and look more defined.