Be the first to own Dean Demanuele‘s latest EP through his fundraising campaign on

Electronic artist Dean Demanuele is currently campaigning to raise funds on, with fantastic rewards for his supporters. Summer Blue will go into production early next year, and €3,000 is needed to get it mixed and mastered, and to create its music video and artwork.



As a Maltese electronic artist, Dean has travelled around Europe with his music, and has played at top venues in Germany, England, Switzerland, France and Spain, including Ibiza. Now based in Malta, he’s encouraging music lovers to be part of this project and to help create a new vision for the local music industry.

“The electronic scene in Malta is a growing one, and we need to keep feeding it more than ever,” he says. “I’d like to create a new niche and encourage support for this particular genre. I hope to show a new vision to the international industry.”

Dean is certainly no newbie to the scene. While based in the UK and Germany, he worked with top artists including Pig&Dan and Lee Van Dowski, while fans of his own work include Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Oliver Huntemann, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin and John Digweed.

Dean explains that Summer Blues will have a melancholic sound inspired by his time in Berlin. At the time, he had been working with one of Germany’s largest electronic music agency, Jackmode. The result is an EP with five tracks that will keep you on your toes for around 35 minutes.



To show his appreciation for his fans’ support, Dean’s lined up a number of cool rewards. “The EP will be released both in CD and digital format, with special signed copies ready and waiting for you as soon as we manage to make this campaign a successful one. Those who help fund us will receive their copy ahead of time, even earlier than the world’s top DJs. We’re also giving out personalised and ‘thank you’ video calls over Skype, label-branded stickers, badges and t-shirts,” he says.

“We’re very grateful for the support and keen to interact with those with a love for electronic music,” Dean adds.


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