As the hot, sticky, Maltese summer shifts into an awkward Autumn, many of us breathe a sweet sigh of relief and welcome the cooler weather with open arms and fluffy socks. Students and sun-worshippers might be sad to see the summer months fade away, but here’s a look at five things we can look forward to every winter.

Not being a sweaty mess

We’re all far too familiar with the humid discomfort of a typical Maltese summer. The heat makes you cranky, your hair won’t co-operate, your make up just melts off your face, and you’re forced to organise your wardrobe according to how breathable your clothes are, rather than what looks cute.



Rain, rain, and more rain

There’s nothing quite like waking up on a Saturday to the comforting sound of rain just tapping away at your windows. It’s almost as though the world is saying, “hey, it’s okay – stay in bed. You totally deserve it.” Throw in a hot cup of tea, your favourite pyjamas and a Netflix subscription, and you’re sorted. You’re welcome.



Perfect reading weather

Being stuck inside during a thunderstorm is the perfect excuse to curl up with a fleecy blanket and catch up on your reading, whether it’s for leisure, or for your next assignment at university.



Layers of layers

While summer fashion generally involves wearing as little as possible without leaving your nanna scandalised, winter promises endless fashion fun in the form of coats, lush jumpers, cardigans, colourful tights, sweatshirts, soft scarves, and toasty-warm boots. Comfortable and stylish – yes please.



Snuggle up

We all know the struggle. You love your friend. You love your partner. Your buddy needs some emotional support. A big hug would be great, right? Of course it would – but not in summer. It is a truth universally acknowledged that winter is the best season for all matters cute and cuddly, because let’s be honest – who doesn’t like a bit of a snuggle when the cold is biting at your cheeks?