Are you one of those people who feels they need to diet and stick to healthy eating choices during the holidays? Have we committed to our minds and bodies we won’t blow it this Christmas?

Dieting can be different during the holidays when you’re not already at your goal weight, and you’re simply on a dieting maintenance programme. For those that aren’t looking to just maintain their overweight status through the holidays, there is hope. Be sure to check with your healthcare professional any questions or concerns you may have regarding your nutrition throughout the Christmas holiday season.

We can partake in the usual holiday delights and enjoy ourselves without overdoing it, right? Rather than panic, dieters already looking to get healthier and lose some weight can turn to some solutions this Christmas and Thanksgiving season, in order not to pile on more pounds by New Year’s Day.

Avoid entering famished – Are you about to walk into the biggest holiday feast of the year? Will your aunt’s delicious fatty dishes be centre stage on the holiday table? When we enter this holiday meal, we shouldn’t arrive starving, or we’ll blow the diet. Try eating something healthy before the family feast such as fruits and vegetables so that you curb any hunger pangs that could make you overeat, particularly on the high-calorie dishes.

A good way to avoid overeating at these holiday dinners is to make sure to plan ahead. Try not to spend too much time gawking at the food tables. In other words, once you’ve eaten, move away from the food to a different area of the room or house, if at all possible.



Keep Exercising – Is that exercise class still happening during the holidays? Do you have time to run by the gym after work and exercise? During the Christmas period, taking care of our bodies with exercising can be a particular challenge for the dieter. Even if you don’t have time to do your full workout, you can take time to get at least some exercise in before the next big party. Also, trying to cheer things up a bit with a holiday theme, like exercising in red leggings and a green shirt, or listening to some festive holiday tunes whilst going about your gym routine.



Celebrate with gifts – Try concentrating on spreading good cheer. Focusing your efforts and time on the joy of giving can help dieters through the tough holiday season. Putting extra effort into those thoughtful holiday gifts can help ease the discomfort of holiday dieting, and it will also give you the opportunity to see how your gift giving can bring joy to your loved ones. Try to spend more time socialising and less time thinking about the food.

Also, volunteering at a homeless shelter during the Christmas holidays can also get us out of self-pity when we can see that others are in need of our help.



Sweets and feast food in moderation – To avoid all those extra pounds, those dieters who plan on indulging a little bit may want to try eating sweets and cakes in conservative moderation. For example, if you’re planning on having cake after the Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, try eating half of a piece, instead of one whole slice.



Do you have any suggestions for your fellow dieters for this festive season?

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