The birth of a new baby can be an emotional rollercoaster for everyone involved, particularly the new parents. Here are some helpful tips to care for your loved ones as they descend into the journey of parenthood.

Allow the new parents two share the good news themselves

You might be the proudest aunt or grandmother in the world, but avoid using social media to share the news of the arrival. The new parents might be caught up in the moment, and it might take them some time before they share the news. Don’t assume that you can do that for them. It’s not very nice and it can be upsetting for them, as they already have enough on their plate. Updating their Facebook status might not be a priority. Having said that, some new parents may not mind, but make sure to always ask if it’s ok to share such news.



Don’t touch the baby or insist on holding the baby

The new parents are still very new at this themselves, and they might have mixed emotions about people getting too close to the newborn, even if they are relatives. The new mother has held her baby inside her body for nine months, and she might feel very upset when people just assume it’s ok to hold or to touch the baby. Always ask and test the waters before you get too close. There will be plenty of time in the future in which you can hold them; just give the parents time to adjust and come to terms with things.



Offer your help

This is a very important thing to do. Offer to cook for the new parents or just go ahead and cook something you know they like and give it to them. Offer to do the shopping, be it from a pharmacy or the supermarket. Chances are it will be quite a while until they get around to doing certain things that had been very straight forward prior to the arrival of the baby. Any sort of help will ease tension and will be greatly appreciated. The parents might be too shy to ask for help, but they’re overwhelmed and could use any sort of help you can offer.



Get to know the baby

New parents need someone to rely on, someone who knows their baby inside out. Let’s say they need to go out or they need some time to sleep; someone who knows what time their baby needs to be fed, how the baby feeds and when their nappy should be changed is a God send, especially in the early days when the parents are sleep deprived. Sit with the parents and let them guide you through their baby’s routine. Perhaps you’re the most seasoned caregiver there is, but to the new parents, only they can take care of the baby the “proper” way. Allow them to show you their ways in order to gain their trust and approval to keep the baby while they do something else.