Malta has been featured in a variety of films over the years, boasting a massive portfolio of Hollywood productions. However, it’s not just American production companies that appreciate the mesmerising panoramas of Malta. Russian directors often choose to set their cinematic works in Malta, since the country can provide some stunning backgrounds for adventurous love stories and historical narratives. Here’s a list of Russian masterpieces that have used Malta as their location:

Invincible, 2008 (Непобедимый)

This is an essential action movie about a Russian spy. The film features car races in Gozo and shooting scenes in the streets of Valletta. Originally, the filming had to take place in Argentina and Venezuela, but because of the economic situation in Latin America, the production company agreed to change the location. Malta was chosen as the perfect alternative. Filming took place across the whole country, including Valletta, Mdina, Pieta, Dingli Cliffs and Gozo to name but a few locations.



Courier from ‘Paradise,’ 2013 (Курьер из Рая)

This time, Malta welcomed a Russian production company to shoot Courier from ‘Paradise’ – a comedy – starring Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Evgeniy Tkachuk. The adventurous story begins with a scene on a boat, and the picturesque shores of Malta are there to provide the perfect backdrop, but the plot then moves to Moscow.



Judas, 2013 (Иуда)

This film brings the Bible back to the big screen, telling the story of Judas. The power of Maltese beauty provided some stunning backdrops for a powerful emphasis. The biblical plot was delivered to the public through the majesty of ancient city streets, breathtaking nature views and the medieval honey-coloured walls of Malta.



The Divers, 2014 (Авантюристы)

This is an adventure-romance blockbuster. Russian A-listers Svetlana Khodchtenkova and Konstantin Khabenskiy team up while searching for a lost treasure in the crystal clear waters of Malta. Together, they follow clues to discover the location of the hidden treasure at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Most pleasing of all, The Divers features some elements of Maltese history. It was filmed entirely on the island and locations included the National Library, the Grandmaster’s Palace, Dingli Cliffs, Vittoriosa, Marsaxlokk and Marsascala.