Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige would have had a very different magical experience…

Philippa Farrugia Randon, Diane Stafrace and Francesca Tabone from Times Three would have played Prue, Piper and Phoebe, with Nadine Axisa joining them later as Paige.

The girls’ house would have been demolished ages ago to make way for xeba fletsijiet.



The Book of Shadows would have included a spell to make nosy neighbours grow a wart every time they tried to pry or spy on the girls.



Instead of Janice Dickenson crying at Paige’s funeral, there would have been Eileen Montesin. People would have still been amazed by the fact that Paige knew a celebrity.

There would have been a demon called Joe Mizzi, and his special power would be to get the girls stuck in traffic, causing them to lose their minds.



Piper would have used her special powers during every Eurovision Song Contest screening, so she and her friends could have more time to discuss the clothes, the song and the singer’s make up in between the acts without missing any of the action.

Phoebe would have been an author with eve.com.mt. She would’ve still received a lot of a hate-mail.



If Phoebe’s empathy power were unleashed on Malta, she’d literally burst into flames as she felt all the frustration people have with so many different things, particularly high-rise buildings.

Labour and PN would’ve battled it out to steal The Book of Shadows, so they could read out the primary incantation and get the Ancient Power to ‘give [them] the power.’



What else would have been different in Charmed had it been based in Malta?

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