Can mindfulness meditation boost creativity?

Yes it can. There are many obstacles to having a creative mind – stress, worry, fear of criticism, overthinking, trying too hard, being stuck in a set way of thinking, interruptions and fatigue, and many more. When we’re stressed, we experience something called a cognitive overload, when there’s no or only very little space left in the mind for new, creative thoughts to emerge. We also tend to feel more fragmented and unable to concentrate, making it harder to focus in on the problem at hand. When we worry, fears and negative assumptions about our own performance or other people’s judgement of us easily come in the way of the free flow of ideas, and being too tired just seems to make our brains slow and sluggish. So how can mindfulness practice help?


Image source: Adsimpson


Practicing mindfulness meditation helps us let go of excess thoughts and worries. Through the meditation, you gradually clear your mind, and as it starts to settle and calm down, so does your body, making you feel more relaxed, more energised and ready to take on new tasks. During this process of emptying your mind, you also make room for new, creative thoughts. Sometimes, the most creative thoughts come a bit out of the blue, after we’ve stepped away from the problem we’re trying to solve, or sometimes after a good night’s sleep.



Mindfulness meditation is a quick, effective and easy way to fuel your creative tank. You can simply start off with a ten-minute meditation, either in the morning, during a work break, after work or in the evening, or perhaps just before starting your work for the day. With practice, you’ll also become better able to prevent and dodge obstacles to your creative work, making you feel more in control of your own cognitive resources and creative process.