Why do we teach children how to write but not how to think?

The world would be a better place if children were taught more than mathematical equations and literacy…

Ethics: Knowing right from wrong, understanding the difference between virtue and vice, appreciating the fact that morals go beyond religion, race, class, ethnicity and wealth… These are all important things that human beings should know. We’d have a more just, understanding and discerning world if they were actually taught it. Oh, and while I’m an atheist, I don’t think ethics should replace Religion in schools. Religion as taught in Malta – ie the indoctrination of Roman Catholicism – should be replaced by World Religions, and children should learn about other people’s beliefs.



Home Economics: This shouldn’t just be an optional subject for those students who intend on becoming chefs or nutritionists. Home Economics is an incredibly important subject that can teach children health and safety, domestic and household chores, and even basic recipes. It also gives them some basic knowledge of biology. Moreover, Home Economics should extend to skills such as sewing, ironing and changing a light bulb, all of which are important in a person’s life.

Philosophy: Confucius, Nietzsche, Buddha, Plato… These are men who changed the world and have affected pretty much every area of our existence. Give children a passion for these people. Explain what they said and what we think they meant. Teach children to think, to enquire, to question, to debate.




Art and Music: The pursuit of knowledge is vital, but the arts are what make life beautiful. Children should be allowed to experiment with colour, musical notes and different mediums. They should be given the tools to let their imagination run wild, and be pushed to do so on a daily basis.

Essentials: How many students leave school knowing how to write a good CV? How to fill out a tax form? How to grow their own food? How to handle a bully at work? Schools should definitely look at teaching students how to be self-sufficient human beings, because we definitely need more of those!


Do you agree with James? Are there any more subjects schools should focus on?

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