Dr. Bülent Cihantimur of Turkey is a world-renowned plastic surgeon that has devoted his career to changing lives through innovative techniques of cosmetic operations. He’s recognised as a global authority on several plastic surgery procedures, including vaginal rejuvenation, and is listed in the top fifty plastic surgeons worldwide.

My first discovery of the great Dr. Cihantimur was on RealSelf, where he provides advice to those that are asking questions online about procedures. Throughout his career, he’s developed a number of life-changing techniques that have transformed the lives of his patients.

“Every year, I operate on patients from all around the world. My main focus is my patients’ needs, their wants and their expectations. It’s not what I do but how I do it,” says Dr. Cihantimur. “I treat everyone with compassion, respect and undivided attention.” The World Plastic Surgery Congress, gathered for a conference in Monaco, issued Dr. Cihantimur the Golden Bisturi Award in November 2014 for his unprecedented work in the field of vaginal rejuvenation, which is also formally called genital beautification.

Above: Dr. Bülent Cihantimur during an interview


Dr. Cihantimur established Estetik International Health Group in 1999, which has become a regional and international success. He’s helping people around the world through his passion for transforming lives with plastic surgery. Patients fly to Turkey with some regularity, and it’s clear they leave happy.

The devoted surgeon has a team and staff of 150 employees with offices throughout Turkey, including centres in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and other locations. He currently has a total of seven locations. International patients are encouraged and welcome at Estetik International. “We care about each and every patient that comes to Estetik International,” Leena Shindondola from Estetik International says. Miss Shindondola works with patients worldwide to meet their needs and handle the logistics that go into working with international patients.

Genital Beautification: A Happier Vagina by Dr Bülent Cihantimur

The vagina aesthetic, which is a rapidly-increasing trend today, helps women who have difficulties in this area. According to latest the research by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there’s been a 48% increase in vagina aesthetic compared to previous years. In my opinion, there are two important reasons for this. Firstly, women are more conscious about their life standards more than ever. The second reason is that the vagina aesthetic is now more comfortable, painless and requires none or a minimum incision due to modern technology.

For ages, this special area was regarded as private. Even in Mother Eve’s visual portraits, while her breasts are exposed, her private place was covered with a fig leaf. This is because she’s the female lead of sexual life, and of course it’s the area of where babies are delivered, and the urethra and the anus are located here. But this secrecy pressures women, both psychologically and subconsciously. They ignore and overlook their health and aesthetic troubles in the vagina area.



Yet, this part of the body takes an important place in women’s lives, not only physically, but also mentally. I believe that women deserve and are entitled to any kind of beautification application. That’s why I consider the vaginal area as a whole, and I think that a total beautification is necessary. Whether that damage is caused by birth or ageing, it doesn’t simply occur in one single area. Just like the whole body, a loss of form may appear.

The potential problems of the vaginal area include sagging of the inner labia, an unaesthetic look of the outer labia, lipoidosis in the mons pubis, total discolouration and obscuration, loosening and mutual sensation problems with the partner, urinary incontinence, orgasmic disorders and insufficient stimulation.

The outer labia is the tissue that covers the vagina, and is located on both sides. The inner labium is the smaller part that is also located in this area. In the inner labia area, some problems may occur, such as asymmetry, drooping and discolouration of the skin tone. To solve these problems in this area, we’re using radio frequency techniques that provide fast healing processes without any scars. We benefit from the Cihantimur Fat Transfer Technique to reshape the outer labia. Fat injections enriched by the stem cell, which is taken from another area of the body, helps with plumping and solves the pigmentation problem.

Also, in order to correct the loosening of the tegmena, we compress the expanding vagina tissue through the Cihantimur Fat Transfer Technique by injecting fat enriched with stem cells. Moreover, in order to provide tightness, we apply Spider Web Aesthetic as well. Meanwhile, a G-Spot Erogenous Zone Injection can also be done. The G-spot is the area that is placed 2-3 cm inside of the vaginal opening, on the front wall, and this injection provides longer stimulation by shaping the area to be more upfront and allows easy, long lasting and more pleasant orgasms by friction. This is also available to those who haven’t given birth. In addition, this procedure allows easier satisfaction for both men and women.

Mons pubis starts under the area of the C-section line and continues to the clitoris as a fluffy and hairy area. Some women can be puffier here than normal, causing aesthetic problems and concerns. In the Genital Beautification operation, the puffiness in this area is removed by liposculpture. In this way, the clitoris becomes more visible, allowing for a healthier sex life.




The loss of form over time and urinary incontinence is developed because of uncontrolled births, but these can also be resolved through this procedure. I can honestly say that my patients’ self-confidence has increased, and their life quality has been positively affected.

Further information on Estetik International’s services can be obtained here.