If there’s one thing I really don’t mind spending money on (apart from shoes, bags and clothes), it’s travelling. There are even studies that suggest that the experiences and memories gained through travelling make us far more happy than material possessions.

I have to agree with these studies to a certain extent, as when it comes to actually packing my suitcase, it can be quite a nightmare, as I really do stress over which outfits to take, making sure I have everything for any eventuality, and ultimately, how I’m going to fit everything in my luggage.

Over the course of a few years, I’ve sort of mastered the art of packing in terms of space maximisation (the whole restricting the number of outfits thing is still to be delved into). Consequently, here are the tips and hacks I find most useful whenever I need to pack my bags and fly!



1. Make a list of the things you really need to take with you. Remember, taking less items means more space for the new stuff you buy on holiday. I like to divide my list into categories such as tech and clothing, and what I’ll be putting in my hand luggage to make the process easier.

2. Check how the weather will be like at your destination, then plan your outfits accordingly.

3. Once you decide what you’re taking with you, take snapshots of the outfits put together, so you remember how you styled them and avoid any unnecessary waste of time while on holiday. Oh, and always wear the heaviest items when travelling to save on overweight fees.

4. Pack small jewellery items into pill boxes so they don’t get tangled.

5. Roll clothes to save space and prevent creases. Another clever trick is to fold shirts on top of each other to further save on space, especially if you’re travelling in Winter.



6. Shower caps make excellent storage for shoes, so they don’t touch your clothes.

7. Use every bit of available space by putting socks and small items inside shoes.

8. Keep liquids handy in a transparent makeup case for easy access when the airport staff request you to present them. Avoid leaks by placing some cling film, and screw the cap back on really tightly before packing.

9. Keep a dust bag in your carry on to put your handbag in to protect it from kicks while it’s stowed under your seat on the plane.

10. Lastly, keep passports and travel documents within easy reach for a smooth check in!



Enjoy your holidays!