A lot of young people tend to leave education highly qualified for their careers, yet are totally unprepared for relationships, blissful and consensual sexuality, and how to healthily understand and interact with the opposite sex.

We may not often acknowledge or realise this, but this can often result in disastrous relationships, broken marriages, hatred and bitterness, and walls built around individuals in order to avoid being hurt again after bad experiences.

In my younger years, families would not allow for couples to cohabit before marriage, and sex education was totally inadequate (and it still is in quite a few schools in Malta). So apart from being told that I was too young for marriage, I drifted into one in a most naive way. I couldn’t understand her mood swings at different times of the month. Even the sex wasn’t good. And despite advances in modern living, too many young people fumble through intimacy, partly owing to the fact that they never saw their parents hug or kiss.



There are young people who live together with one partner but then later on hop over to another. Some of them confess to me that they’re not their life partner, but for now, it’s comfortable. So why aren’t people freeing themselves and allowing themselves time to find the right partner with the right characteristics?

Conscious Tantric training courses for singles and couples are an ideal way to see life differently, as well as to learn how to connect consciously with life and with other people. When a relationship fails, someone feels hurt, and it can take years to be ready for another relationship. If we don’t learn from the reasons of our failure, we’re often carried into a new relationship with the same habits, and so the same pattern continues.

The first relationship should be with yourself. Love yourself, be proud of yourself for who you are, and talk kindly to yourself. Give yourself loving touches over the whole body. Take care of yourself. Once you love yourself, you can start to love others without bringing all your issues into a relationship.

I speak of conscious relationships. Be conscious of everything you do. Observe your habits, make conscious choices, including with whom you tend to be attracted to.



Be open and honest in your relationships, and please communicate. You need to be free to talk about things without judgement, fear or anger. For example, one partner may feel committed to the relationship, while the other isn’t. So when the uncommitted leaves, the committed will feel devastated and will be left without nay explanations. They would’ve had expectations which were not shared. These things need to be discussed so that false expectations don’t become disappointments.