After an eight-year hiatus, the band *etnika return with a revived tune from 1931 with original lyrics by Carlo Satariano.

Originally composed by Vincenzo Ciappara, Maddalena is a tale of unrequited love which combines with this enchanting tune by *etnika to the well known lyrics with a refrain that is derived from a traditional chant known as a bormliża or an għana fil-għoli – a high pitched melody that was usually sung by women due to the high notes and strained voice required for it.

The empyreal vocals for this latest adaptation are provided by Alison Galea, with Andrew Alamango on the electric guitar, Oliver Degabriele on double bass and double synth, and Walter Vella on alto flute. Interestingly, Francesca Grima utilises footwork on wood and a pastizzi tray, with Andrej Vujicic on the cajón.

Below: *etnika

*etnika band



Maddalena is part of *etnika‘s album, Maddalena’s Marvellous Tripflok Klabb. 


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