Leave the academic subjects to schools, but take control of the real important lessons in their life.

What you learn at school is definitely valuable to a person’s overall growth, but the following five things are invaluable. They’re the key not just to creating a rounded and decent human being, but to them leading an intelligent and happier life.

Self-Respect: Knowing your self-worth is an important part of a human being’s advancement in life. Teaching children that they should be proud of what they’ve achieved doesn’t stop them from achieving more. If anything, it shows them that the price to pay is worth paying. So stop telling your kids they’re not good enough, and instead, point out how the good things pay off.



Debating: So many people don’t know how to debate. They’ve no idea how to formulate an argument, or how to admit that they’ve been defeated. Teach them to listen and to read in between the lines. Teach them how to answer back respectfully and diplomatically, stand their ground, and when it’s okay to agree to disagree.

Kindness: The amount of rude people I come across on a daily basis is absolutely ridiculous. Selfishness has taken over our lives, and compassion, understanding and empathy are abstract concepts whose place is in art galleries next to a Picasso or a Pollock. Teach your children to feel for others, to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, not to discriminate, not to be assholes.



That It’s Okay to Not Be Okay: The worst part about not feeling good about oneself is the fact that you feel like you’ve let yourself and everyone else down… again! We’re mortals, we err, we feel depressed, we want things we can’t have, we love people who don’t want us back. It’s life, and we shouldn’t be punished for not feeling great, amazing, and elated all the time. Teach your kids that it’s okay to cry, to feel sad, to eat a tub of ice cream every now and then because life has gone to the dogs. But teach them that they also need to get back up, and that if they can’t, it’s okay to seek help.

To Think for Themselves: So many people act and think like sheep. They’ll go to university and simply regurgitate what they’ve been told, especially within our Maltese education system. No philosopher or scientist or sociologist who ever lived ever wrote or said or created anything that was perfectly true. All our views are biased and based on our own experiences, beliefs, dogmas and inclinations. So teach your kids that not only is it important to question everything, it’s absolutely imperative!



Is there anything else you can think of that is important to teach children?

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