Seasonal changes may have an adverse effect on the way our skin looks and feels. We might be more dehydrated in summer or drier in winter. Humidity can leave some people’s skin congested, while others might very well benefit from it. In any case, we’re fast approaching a new season, and you might need to ask yourself when was the last time that you had your skin care routine checked by a professional?

It’s now time to refresh, revitalise and replenish your skin, just in time for the cold weather.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t been extremely careful during the hot period, it’s regrettable to say that the damage has been done. Say hello to dehydration, pigmentation and all the nasties that will start to surface on your skin. The extreme change in weather could also have an adverse effect on our skin, especially on those who suffer from acne or eczema.

Nonetheless, let’s not fall into despair just yet. For the second consecutive year, selected Guinot clients are inviting you to take a seat at the Guinot Beauty Bar during the Guinot Roadshow from the 31st October till the 5th November, where you’ll be able to discuss your skin concerns with professional Guinot therapists who will check your skin and prescribe you with a customised skincare regime.



Skin Scanning

Have you tried the skin scanning machine? See your skin’s past, present and future through this specialised lamp. Your therapist will tell you what’s underneath your skin and what will surface in years to come if you don’t take care of it.

Grab a friend and join us in celebrating healthy skin with Guinot. This event guarantees plenty of skin activities and freebies. Every person that books for a free skin consultation and skin scanning will also receive a goody bag.

There will also be a 10% discount on all Guinot products, gifts with your purchases and even further discounts on Guinot’s luxury treatments.



Click here for more information, or call PHBS Ltd. on 21424401/2/3.