Let’s face it, we’re living in a fast paced world, forced to schlep all of our belongings with us all day long — from the office to buses to after-work drinks. The least we can do is store our stuff in style, not forgetting to make a fashion statement. That’s why we’ve picked these beauties to step up your accessory game. Your look is never complete without the perfect bag.

Cross Body Bag

Meet your wardrobe’s new hero piece – the insanely practical and stylish cross body bag. Big enough to store all your belongings, it remains the ultimate I-get-around fashion bag. This season, luxe up your basics with velvet and embroidered details, or go for quirky details like badges and fur fastening details. But, we’re also obsessed with simple cross body bags in compact, rectangle shapes. They can be worn with absolutely anything and are a great alternative to clutch bags.




These beauties have been right on trend for a while now, and it seems they don’t intend on retiring. It makes perfect sense. They’re extremely practical, they come in various designs and sizes, their weight can be distributed, so we just can’t get enough. This season, our beloved backpacks have been given a futuristic touch with silvery metallics, fur trims and velvet fabrication. Yes, please!




Another 90s comeback. A bumbag is great for any occasion or weather. Meant to be worn on the hip, it can actually be shifted to lay diagonally across the chest, hooking over your shoulder. Yes, this is how street stylers are wearing it these days. Leather and velvet, embroidered and embellished, you can use it to style up any look. Think denim and a T-shirt combo, or even a simple tee dress. Add a bum bag to your look for instant coolness through sheer practicality. Your look is sorted and your hands are free.



Tote Bag

Looking for a more sophisticated fashion statement? No problem. Switch your everyday tote bag for a metallic leather tote with a silver finish. The fashion world seems to be all about futuristic designs shining both on catwalks and the streets. But the easiest way to upgrade your old tote is to complete it with a fur pom. Such a cute accessory, and so tactile!


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