Nineteen members are currently training for the tenth edition of the Kilimanjaro Challenge 10, which will see them climb the mountain in January 2017. Simultaneously, the construction of the Chris Criminale Kindgergarten in Ethiopia is progressing well.



Over the last decade, over €600,000 in funds have been collected for seven projects in Kenya and Ethiopia, all run by Moviment Ġesu fil-Proxxmu.

Addressing a press conference, Keith Marshall, founder of Kilimanjaro Challenge Malta, explained that the projects completed so far have all been successful, the land has taken more value and community life has progressed. This year, the project is a Kindergarten in Jemu, a remote area in Ethiopia, which is home to about 800 families. These families live in extreme poverty, with high levels of malnutrition and diseases.

The school – the first building of its kind in this area – will host 150 children and will also offer a daily meal. Roads leading to the school have been completed, and the construction of the building is now underway. The estimate cost is €55,000, and the group is also hoping to collect funds to build a flour mill close to the school. This will encourage girls to attend the school and go to the flour mill, allowing the women of the community to work the land, thus generating progress.



The Kindergarten will be named in honour of Chris Criminale, a member of Kilimanjaro Challenge 8, who passed away at the end of last year.

Group Leader Mark Lupi said that the the team has been meeting up since January 2016, and will complete one year of intense training in preparation for the highest free-standing mountain in the world, standing at almost 6000 metres.

The team will be leaving to Africa on the 5th January 2017, spending eight days on the mountain. Later, they’ll be traveling to Ethiopia to inaugurate the project. More events and information can be found on the Kilimanjaro Facebook page.