People take their Netflix favourites very seriously, and it’s not that hard to see why. The online distributor has an outstanding selection of addictive shows that have us all in a frenzy. In fact, on the 1st October, Netflix watchers were reportedly “outraged” by a blackout period of non-streaming that lasted over two hours. So like I said, people are very religious when it comes to their Net-fix. Here are a few of my personal favourite series, spoiler-free and guaranteed to get you hooked as well:

House of Cards – This intense political thriller teaches the invested viewer to learn the difference between people with money, people with power, and those with both. It’s based on an originally British TV series that had been adapted from a novel by Michael Dobbs, who was also an executive producer in the American series. Out of all of the Netflix original series that have aired, I’d say that this is probably my favourite, although I feel that I often need to pray and clear my thoughts after certain dark scenes. It’s a very macabre show, to say the least. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of happy endings for any of the main players, although it’s an extremely intriguing series.



The Killing – The first season is based on solving the first murder that’s investigated in the show. Detective Sarah Linden is the main character, trudging through the sludge of the crime beat in Seattle. The cop that becomes her partner, Stephen Holder, also plays a major main role in the series, particularly as the show progresses. While The Killing was initially owned and operated by the AMC network, it was later acquired by Netflix.



The Fall – This crime-series drama is set in Ireland. The beautiful and brilliant Stella Gibson, a homicide police detective, is on the hunt to find and take down a serial killer. The plot is full of twists and turns, where the main character constantly keeps you on your toes and surprised. It was originally a British crime series that was showcased by the BBC. Like many Netflix specials, The Fall is not meant for younger viewers, as it’s full of violence and other material inappropriate for younger viewers.



Narcos – This series has been ranked as one of the company’s top shows. The Narcos series is a documentary drama that tells the story of the life of the notorious Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. It’s got quite a great deal of extremely bloody violence and bad language that makes one want to head straight to confession. I wouldn’t recommend this to those who are easily disturbed by graphic violence.



Marcella – Marcella Backland had retired from the police force, or so she thought. This was until a killer emerged that would take the mind and skills of this talented police detective to hunt down. She faces many challenges, both at home and at work. Her character stands out, despite the difficulty of her circumstances. She demonstrates the power and impact of a strong female lead. While there is violence in the series, it seems to be less graphic than some of the other crime shows on Netflix.



What other series on Netflix do you enjoy?

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