While we’re all readying our wardrobes with furs, wellingtons and scarves, the Milan Fashion Week is well head of everyone with ideas already at hand for the Spring/Summer season of 2017. If New York and London are the urban style cities for excellence, Milan and Paris are the cities of ready-to-wear and luxury.

Fashion is a cardinal tradition and craft in Italy, and this was celebrated from the 21st till the 26th September in Milan, with the spotlights directly on the most awaited event of the year: Milano Moda Donna. Italian and international designers compete to be part of the fashion show’s calendar. Reporters flock from every part of the world, and fashion bloggers battle tooth and nail to get a picture. The Italian manufacture is all it takes to get the world all a-frenzy.

The proposed styles can be divided into three great categories: Timeless Sweetness, Heavenly and Country.

Timeless Sweetness

The dolly girl is back! In recent years, womanliness was softened by long, large black dresses, but the designers have now re-awoken to the delightful nature of pink and can’t get enough of it. For Dolce&Gabbana, the real sweetness lives in Sicily. The mood is “Life in Palermo”, where the prints and decorations on dresses remember the little details of the city: fish, roses, pasta and white crochet collars, to name a few.



Vivetta‘s mood stems from children’s fairy tales that become the inspiration for this spring/summer collection. It tell a story through pictures of sublime beauty and magic, somewhere between dream and reality. Embroideries, colours and silhouettes depict the tales’ characters. The old French tapestries become evening dresses, Japanese prints transform into elegant pyjamas.



Gucci is guilty of unfaltering perfection. The show created a fascinating atmosphere for possibly one of Gucci’s finest collections ever. The Japanese world met the androgynous 70s woman. All the colours were there, sensuality was ubiquitous, and new century princess dresses manifested themselves beautifully.



Moschino closed the quartet with a collection inspired by the divas of the 1950s. The models looked like fashion sketches and cartoons.




Heavenly is set against a dark backdrop; ever morose and elegant. For Marni, the woman is practical chic, and wears her jumpsuit and walks around the city.


Elisabetta Franchi is a good bearer of femininity. Her girls are glamorous and sexy. The style gives value to figures, and the colours are simple but elegant.


Giorgio Armani‘s trend is the deep blue. Seaweed and the ocean floors are printed on shorts, shirts and dresses. For this Spring/Summer collection, he opted for all shades of blue, long jackets on Bermuda shorts and a leather jacket. Armani’s style is more exotic and feminine.



The Wild West has never been so near and the cowgirls are all over the place. Cavalli created a perfect mix between cow style and American Indians. The war is ended, and these two worlds are finally together, proving the omniscient power of the art of fashion, where anything is possible. Jeans, waistcoats and bell sleeves shirts are matched with kimono jackets and flower prints.


Lorenzo Serafini has got his philosophy and shows it to us with long printed chiffon dresses, enormous hide belts and white camperos.


Our final designer is Alberta Ferretti, who knows the female body and the woman’s needs. Her Spring/Summer collection is formed by beautiful warm colours, such as red and purple, with long frill skirts, embroidered tops and black transparent dresses.


It would be impossible to list all the designers, but everyone brought to the runway a personal point of view about fashion, style and art. The city of Milan was charged into a beautiful world with its eclectic community donning the very best of garments.