I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll soon be opening my first food outlet in the heart of St Julian’s, together with my partners at the Danish Bakery. This is something that has long been a dream of mine, and I’ve always believed that on our island, location is key, and that is why we chose to launch our concept in St. Julian’s.



Some might question why I’m solely focusing on baked goods as opposed to going all out on a restaurant. When I was working in London, I came across loads of top quality food outlets that featured bakery products, and I think this is where my love for baking had started to surface. However, it was important for us to understand exactly what type of outlet we were going for. We’ve concluded that it’ll be a cross between a Parisian Boulangerie and an Italian Salumeria. We’ll be putting a lot of our energy into the creation of our sandwiches, thinking outside the box, sourcing the right ingredients and creating a style of food that is innovative and exciting for our clients. The bread will be custom made for the outlet, and yours truly will be in the kitchen everyday.



We will also serve pies, tarts, cakes, loaves and other delicious items that will be made fresh everyday by our team. These items will be complemented by a salad bar, where our customers will be able to help themselves to whatever they desire. The menu will be changed regularly and will also feature seasonal produce on a daily basis.



An evening concept is also in the pipeline, but this is still in its early stages of development, and for the time being, we want to focus on getting the core daytime product right before we expand into the evenings.

The company has a lot of plans for the project, with everyone involved putting in all their expertise and knowledge into the concept. Our first store will be open in the first quarter of 2017, and we look forward to hitting the ground running. I’m injecting all of my energy into this, and I honestly hope that the ultimate product will be a testament to all the love and passion I have for food. Ultimately, this has been my lifelong dream, and it’s finally coming to fruition.



I can’t wait!