We’re now living in a world where if you didn’t post something on social media, it didn’t really happen. Having said this, Malta’s scenery is so dream-like, you wouldn’t think it was real at the best of times. The island is indeed an Instagram heaven, especially for tourists. The picturesque and heavily filtered shots of Malta are the right way to impress your followers. Discover the list of the most Instagrammed spots on the islands.

The Maltese Doors, 1,896

1,896 hashtags plus God knows how many other posts without one. Malta is indeed a great place for any Instagrammer, thanks to a range of colourful Maltese doors. Go in search for these unique doors for the perfect background.



Dingli Cliffs, Dingli 4,708

When you get there, you just can’t stop staring. Why not snap your next Instagram picture as well? And as 4,708 of Instagram users can confirm, the sunset along the cliffs never disappoints.



Grand Harbour, Valletta 5,609

This panoramic view is indeed an Instagram-worthy spot.



St Peter’s Pool, Delimara L/o Marsaxlokk 6,257

The easiest way to make your followers jealous? Posting a picture of you jumping right from the St Peter’s Pool cliff. This is what summer feels like, and 6,257 of Instagram users know that.



Azure Window, Gozo 33,344

Cliche? Maybe. Still an Instagram must and a Game of Thrones hot spot. Besides, if you get a tourist-free shot, this will be one of the most-liked posts, for sure.



St Julian’s Spinola, 34,398

Apparently, the most Instagrammable spots in the town are the atmospheric bars and restaurants, the pretty harbour and the LOVE monument. Nothing else needed for the perfect Instagram feed.



Paceville, 49,157

This is where all the craziest pictures come from. Weekend night out madness and lots of fun.



Mdina 69,606

The Maltese historical gem has provided the most stunning backgrounds for 69,606 pictures. From the winding streets of the Silent City, to arguably the most Instagrammed door in Malta.

Image source: Hellomaltatours


Sliema/St Julian’s, 93,735

Sliema/St Julian’s is the second on our list. This is one of the best places to look for that perfect Maltese door shot, or if you wake up early, you can get a stunning ethereal picture of a sunrise.



Valletta, 188,692

The Maltese micro-capital steals the social media spotlight. 188,692 — this is the number of Instagram users that have posted the pictures of the honey-coloured walls, panoramic views and Republic Street. Who can blame them? Valletta is indeed the number one place for the most Instagram-worthy spots in Malta.


Image source: Parkhotel