Meike Peters’ Eat In My Kitchen was successfully launched at the splendour of Villa Bologna, an ideal location for a cookbook that celebrates and brings together so many rich and fine flavours. We caught up with the renowned food blogger for a better insight.

Image: Meike Peters


Your book is currently being launched all over the world. What did you have in mind for your Malta launch?

I fell in love with Villa Bologna when I first visited it in the summer of 2015. The villa and gardens are magical, and I couldn’t have asked for a better location for my book launch event in Malta. This country plays an important part in my life and in my book and I always knew that it would be one of the main spots where I’d launch my work, alongside London, Berlin, New York and Washington.


Image: Matthew Mercieca, Meike Peters, Christabelle Borg


Which recipes did you choose to feature from the book?

I chose recipes that fit the season and those which are appropriate for a relaxed event with nibbles and wine. We’ve gone for the radicchio, peach and roasted shallot salad with blue cheese, cumin-roasted squash wedges with a pistachio-feta dip, a pea pesto and honey-caramelised bacon sandwich with fresh marjoram, a pear and blue cheese tart with rosemary, the polenta-almond cake with rosewater-vanilla syrup, the bittersweet chocolate-olive oil Bundt cake with candied orange peel, and last but not least, Joanna Bonnici’s pudina.

Image: Peter Carbonaro, Matthew Mercieca


What did you particularly enjoy from the launch at Villa Bologna?

The launch was fantastic. I had all my family there and so many friends. It was an amazing night that I’ll never forget.

Image: Anna Marie Galea, Monique Chambers, Kane Cali


What’s planned for your other international launches?

Each event, each city, each country, each venue and their respective atmosphere is unique. We chose venues that reflect the vibe of each city, but the celebrations are similar. It’s about enjoying our time together, drinking good wine from Meridiana Wine Estate, eating good food and having a good time.

Image: Diandra Bradtke, Carina Camilleri