Miranda Hobbes, in the Sex and the City movie, tells us that there are only two choices for women on Halloween – witches or sexy kittens.

We’re absolutely sick of seeing these ubiquitous, stereotypical, patriarchal and objectifying categories that imply that women can either only be ugly old crones or sexualised play things whose only purpose is to entice men. Unlike Miranda, we know there’s more, and we’re entitled to be as creative as can be come Halloween. There are just a few weeks left until the spooky holiday, and there’s nothing like being prepared. So here are a few brilliant ideas that’ll shatter the glass ceiling:

Karl Lagerfeld

Opt for a fashion take this Halloween and dress as the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, whose ideas on women’s bodies are actually quite terrifying. This revolutionary fashion designer hasn’t changed his appearance for decades, so the look is recognisable, even for those who aren’t au fait with fashion. All you need is his signature tuxedo, gloves, a pair of black shades and white hairspray. Easy. Of course, you can go for a more glamorous version of Lagerfeld. Last year, Kendall Jenner styled her costume up with a blazer, gloves and a sequin bodysuit for a sexy vibe. Complete your look with a friend dressed as Karl Lagerfeld’s famous cat Choupette, and you’ll be the party’s best dressed, for sure.



Mia Wallace

Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is one of the most stylish cinematic looks. This Halloween costume is easy to put together. You’ll need a black bob-length wig, red lipstick, a classic white button-down shirt, and a pair of black cigarette pants or culottes. And voilà, you’ve nailed the 90s ultimate bad girl look. For a serious Halloween vibe, get a faux needle and fake blood on your shirt.



Kim Kardashian 

What can we say? It’s been a scary few days for Kim K, but her rise to world domination- I mean, stardom, has been just as frightening. Ironically, her look has been emulated by many a make up artist and fan, but perhaps it’s time to shed some light on the absurdity of it all. Get the celebrity’s signature tight dress, some extra contouring in your make up look and a fake bum, of course. Pillows or a prosthetic baby bump will do. Your friends can also dress up as Kim’s sisters and trick or treat as the whole Kardashian clan.

The Kardashians begging for sweets. What a fun scenario.



Jessica Rabbit

Nobody can nail the Jessica Rabbit costume as well as Heidi Klum in 2015, but we can at least try. To steal the Halloween spotlight and to give the sexy kittens a run for their money,  you’ll need a red sequin dress, a red wig, purple gloves, red lipstick and purple eye shadow. You can also get a push-up bra to recreate the hourglass figure.




This Halloween costume has been rocked by many since the movie came out in 2014. But who doesn’t want to portray this gothic villain look created by Angelina Jolie? We know we do. This is definitely not a last minute Halloween costume, as you really need to be prepared. You’ll need a black cape with a collar, a dark maxi dress, red lipstick and, of course, black horns. Don’t forget to contour the cheekbones well.



What’ll you be wearing this Halloween?