Last year, The Inspire Foundation and The Farsons Foundation teamed up to help facilitate the understanding of mathematical concepts for children who have difficulties in this area.

Mr Bryan A. Gera, Chairman of The Farsons Foundation, explained that this collaboration can allow for The Inspire Foundation to send one of their professional employees to become an accredited Numicon trainer.

Numicon is a new methodology of teaching children numeracy by using a more visual and multisensory approach. This year, The Farsons Foundation has sponsored another accredited professional, who will help train and support staff using Numicon to teach children in a whole class approach or one-to-one intervention.



Inspire already has two accredited trainers, but as the demand grows, so does the need for more staff members to become qualified in this approach. With an additional professional becoming accredited, more teachers and educators will be reached to share this knowledge and help children.

“Numicon provides visual and structured imagery that children with such difficulties understand better, faster and easier,” explained Ms. Rosette Gatt, Numicon Trainer at The Inspire Foundation. “All children benefit from the Numicon approach, but those who find numbers and the number system abstract will benefit even more because of its visual and structured imagery. Activities have been developed from direct experiences with children, making the teaching approach more appealing to their strengths and less reliable on their auditory capacities. This is done through multisensory activities, using patterned shapes, rods, number lines, and a broad range of everyday experiences and contexts. Feeling, seeing, thinking, speaking, reading, and writing all come together.”



The Farsons Foundation will be funding the training for another staff member from Inspire to become a certified Numicon Trainer by Oxford University Press (OUP). This will ensure high quality training that will be later delivered to professionals and parents, thus enabling them to help children reach their potential. “Teachers who attend Numicon workshops have a much higher multiplier effect, as they are then able to share their knowledge with their entire class. At the moment, more than 500 children are benefiting from this multisensory programme,” added Ms. Gatt.

The Farsons Group has always recognised its corporate responsibility towards all stakeholders and the wider community, having long supported a number of deserving initiatives and charitable causes. Through this initiative, The Farsons Foundation is addressing an educational objective within the context of social solidarity. The Inspire Foundation in turn works with children with learning difficulties and disabilities who are failing in their education because of a lack of resources and opportunities to learn.

“In order to make things happen for people with disabilities, and in order to make them happen fast, we need many people and organisations to work together. Corporations that embrace the benefits of cooperating with one another can help make this world a better place,” said Mr. Antonello Gauci, CEO at Inspire.