Klabb Kotba Maltin will be launching Immanuel Mifsud‘s latest novel, Fid-Dlam tal-Lejl Ħarisna, on the 20th October at the Maltapost Museum in Archbishop Street in Valletta at 7.30pm.



As one of Malta’s most prominent authors, Immanuel Mifsud deals with the theme of sleep in his latest work. Fid-Dlam tal-Lejl Ħarisna recounts the story of a diversity of characters who live in different parts of the world, leading ordinary lives. However, the author also narrates their respective sleeping patterns. The only common thing between them seems to be that they all, at some time of the day or night, at some particular place, have to go to sleep. While it may be quite a simple plot, it leaves the most basic of elements in question. Who is narrating the story of the different characters, and is this only a single book being written?



Immanuel Mifsud is the first Maltese author ever to have won the European Union Prize for Literature. He also won thrice the National Malta Award for poetry and prose. Some of his works have been translated and published in France, Romania, Ireland and Macedonia.