It is a truth universally acknowledged that anything that comes easily does not satisfy human desires.

Whether it’s a romantic conquest or a business venture, the possibility of failing is what drives us to do our utmost. It fuels our passion, gives us superhuman strength and even makes us do things we swore time and time again we’d never do.



It’s not surprising, of course. The risk of failure is very real and, should it happen, we’d be left with broken hearts or broken dreams. But, let’s be honest here. If we got everything we wanted instantaneously, we’d never appreciate anything. Why would you put in long hours of work if the business you’re running will succeed no matter what? And how boring would love be if we didn’t have to work at it every day?

Yet, no matter how hard we work, sometimes we still fail. And, you know what? It’s a blessing in disguise each and every time.

Lessons worth learning: One of the greatest lessons you can learn in life is that if you continue doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll never achieve anything more than what you’ve achieved. Failing gives us a fresh start, opens our eyes to shortcomings we may have failed to see before, and gives us the space to ponder how much we really want what we want. Take failure seriously, but never to heart. Instead, take a step back, analyse what went wrong, and go at it even more ardently than before.



Building potential: Every human is capable of great things, but many settle for mediocrity. No genius, no inventor, no fashion designer has ever just made it. There was hard work, determination, sweat, tears and lots and lots of failure involved. Failure gives you thick skin; it makes you resilient.



Curbing Fear: Fear holds us back more than we can ever imagine. Of course, it comes in handy. Fearing heights at the edge of a cliff is wise; fearing failure when you’re setting up a business is madness. And, you know what? Most times, when your deepest, darkest fears come true, you realise that it’s not as bad as you thought it would be, or that even though it was terrible, you still managed to survive. Failure gives you the ability to enter a fearless mindset that is needed to achieve greatness.



New Opportunities: It is only upon failing that we look at alternatives. When you love someone and they break your heart, you’re forced to get back out there and meet other potential lovers. When you do something in a particular way and it fails, you’re forced to find an alternative solution. Failure does that to us. It pushes out of our comfort zone, and that’s where and when beautiful things happen.



So, go on. Get out there and live fearlessly. Do the things that scare you, embrace change, forge new alliances and, if you fail, dust yourself off, analyse your mistakes, and go at it harder than ever before.


Do you think failure is important to success?

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