Back-to-basic recipes are the best path towards a cleaner way of eating, and nothing’s more basic than Oh So Yummy‘s selection of organically-crafted granola bars. With a variety of tasty ingredient combinations and a chemical-free guarantee, Oh So Yummy’s granola bars are the perfect pick-me-up that promise nothing but natural nourishment.



Granola bars have long been the go-to snack for those who are seeking an increased intake of fibre or a health-conscious nibble to get them through their schedules. However, not all brands on the market provide bars that are entirely beneficial to one’s overall diet. Certain additives and flavour enhancers betray the granola concept, rendering the product just another sugar-powered snack.



Ensuring the right choice of granola bar begins by knowing thine ingredients. Oh So Yummy’s motto is to count chemicals rather than calories. A proper granola bar should contain no more than seven wholesome ingredients without any sugars, glucose or refined honey. If you’re looking to eliminate processed foods, avoid bars which contain high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and mono sodium glutamate. Also note that indicators such as ‘low in sugar’ and ‘low in fat’ are usually just cover-ups for a concoction of unnatural flavourings.



The natural binder of Oh So Yummy’s granola bars comes in the form of a simple sunflower seed paste. Not only does it give a fragrant nutty flavour, but it also keeps the bar’s shape and nutritional value intact. This is because sunflower seeds contain Vitamin B and selenium, an element which greatly aids brain activity. This makes the bars excellent school snacks for parents who’d like to give their children an organically-sourced lunch. The other main components of the bars are oats, a variety of nuts, and dried fruit. While oats are a prime source of fibre with slow releasing energy, nuts provide a substantial dose of protein.



Chef Emily Grimaud has also ensured that all taste buds and palettes are catered for with the five different ingredient pairings: chocolate & hazelnut, pistachio & cranberry, almond & date, cinnamon & raisin, and coconut & walnut.

Each bar has been designed with an overall lifestyle and health-target in mind. While the organic chocolate used in the Oh So Yummy bars is a natural antidepressant that contains 621 antioxidants, cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties, and cranberries are a great source of Vitamin C.



The packaging behind Oh So Yummy’s granola bars is also a major contributor towards the product’s nutritional value. While most granola bars on the market are packaged through a flow pack machine, Oh So Yummy have opted to parcel their bars with vacuum packaging, since flow pack machines tend to inject the product with ethanol (alcohol) or nitrogen. Vacuum packaging eliminates the use of these chemicals and keeps the product fresh and intact, thus increasing the bar’s shelf life.



Whether you’re in need of a pre-workout fueling or a guilt-free office lunch, the delicious treats that are the Oh So Yummy granola bars are just what nature ordered.

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