Here are some tried and tested beauty tips that can stretch your grooming budget. I’ve found these to be true over and over again when I don’t have the cash to spend for some terrible reason. These tips can save you money while still looking your best using your favourite beauty products:

Face serum – Whether it’s brown spots, wrinkles or uneven skin tone, some of us really cannot do without a good-quality face serum. Therefore, buy the high-quality serum, but combine it with a more economical, no-frills moisturiser that won’t break out your skin. This matching works like a real charm when you’re in a cash-shortage bind. I’ve done it plenty of times. If you want to go back to your high-end routine later on when you can afford it, you can upgrade the moisturiser as well.

Go-to hair product – Decide which high-quality hair product is most important to you, and stick to it. For example, you can buy one salon-quality mousse or hair gel, then mix it with a cheaper mousse or gel. When you cocktail the two products together, it’ll take longer for you to run out of the salon-quality styling product, and it will give you a better hair-styling quality than using the cheap hair product alone by itself. Then again, it is possible for the high-end product to react badly with the cheaper one, so perhaps you’d want to use the two alternately, or reserve your star styling product for special occasions.



Solid foundation – We recommend that you invest in a good-quality foundation for your skin, and opt for drugstore eye shadows and lipsticks to balance the price out. Yes, there are moments when you’ll find it hard to part with the perfect colour or mascara offered by an expensive brand, but in general, when you have little cash, it’s best to reserve it for a flawless foundation that doesn’t break out your face or make your complexion look unpleasant.



Self-tanning products – Mix self-tanning products with a little bit of supermarket lotion. Not only will the self-tanner go a little further, but it can also spread a more even and balanced-looking tan. There will be less disrupt distribution on your skin when you start to run out, and re-apply the self-tanner if you mix it with a small amount of lotion. Also, using a scented lotion can help mask the odour that some self-tanning products have.

Get the bonus – Buy high-end beauty products when there’s a bonus or other free products involved. Some cosmetic and skincare lines will give bonus products or packages when you buy at a certain time or at a certain amount. If one of the nicer products is already on your must-have list, then purchase that product when you can get the bonus or extra product.

Go for the big one – Buy economy-sized products, but do the math beforehand to make sure it’s a good deal. If it’s cheaper than the standard, you may want to add that item to the immediate-purchase list.

Be a good shopper – This one is important. Even if it doesn’t come naturally to some, you can be a good shopper. Look for deals and compare the cost of the same beauty product at different stores and reliable online retailers to see where your money will stretch the farthest. I do harder and more aggressive shopping on those high-priced products because I know I need them, but I still need to find the best deal. It also teaches you a lot about your own personal taste when you’ve shopped so many similar products in different places, and it will also teach you the value of restraint and self-discipline.