Like any other European Capital of Culture, Valletta is proud to present its very own volunteering programme that aims to encourage a stronger volunteering culture within the local arts sector and beyond.

From now till 2018, Malta will be transformed into a European cultural hub, and the Tal-Kultura Programme will be a key driving force in making Valletta 2018 a success. Since its launch in May 2016, Tal-Kultura has recruited more than 300 volunteers, but its numbers must increase before the run-up to 2018.



The Tal-Kultura Programme offers volunteers the ability to participate in various events and activities organised by Valletta 2018 and other cultural organisations, such as the Malta Arts Council and Spazju Kreattiv. Participation ranges from greeting and guiding visitors at events, to communications and production. Not only will Tal-Kultura volunteers be part of the year-long Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme, but they will also have the opportunity to build a network of creative members of the industry, and acquire unique and transferable skills and knowledge.

After applying through the Tal-Kultura website, participants will be offered induction training before they are officially welcomed on board the team. Volunteers will be able to practice and improve their skills in trades such as photography and digital marketing, and they will also be exposed to a range of local and international artists through access to a wide range of events.


Image: volunteer Maria Dimech during last Sunday’s The Strada Stretta Concept event


Up to now, volunteers have worked on large scale projects such as Pageant of the Seas and Deep Shelter at the Oncology Centre. Positions include production assistants, hospitality officers with international artists, events ushers, backstage crew, information officers and much more.

By becoming a Tal-Kultura volunteer, participants will become a symbol of Maltese and European culture, transferring the values and content of Valletta 2018 through an approach of active citizenship and civic pride.