It’s estimated that well over half of us are wearing the incorrect bra size. Not only will it look unflattering underneath clothing, but it could also be hurting you and damaging your breast tissue – digging straps anyone?

What you wear underneath your clothes is just as important as the garments themselves. A unflattering bra can completely ruin an outfit. But don’t worry, you don’t have to stand half-naked while someone measures you. You can do this at home yourself. All you need is a tape measure. However, we do recommend you get yourself professionally fitted just to be sure.



Step #1. Going bra-less, start off with measuring your band size. Take the measuring tape directly under your bust. The tape should be level and snug. If you measure an odd number like 33 inches, round up to 34. This is your band size.

Step #2. Next, you’ll want to measure your bust. Put the tape slightly lose around the fullest part of your bust (at nipple level). Then round that number to the nearest whole number.

Step #3. To determine your cup size, you’ll want to look at the difference between your band size and bust size. Therefore, if you’re a 34 band and a 36 bust, that’s a difference of 2 inches. Use the guide below to figure out your cup size:

Less than 1-inch = AA
1-inch difference = A
2-inch difference = B
3-inch difference = C
4-inch difference = D
5-inch difference = DD

So, with the above example of a band 34 and a bust of 36, you’d be a 34B.

Step #4. Once you’ve tried on the correct size, see how it feels. The cups should be full, but not overflowing. The straps should be secure and the band should level all the way round.

What if it’s too big? If you feel your cup size is too big for you, you can go down a cup size, but remember to go up a band size. So if a 34B is too big for you, try a 36A.