The resilience and optimism to overcome challenges is what I believe makes life worth living. I believe in striving for the best life has to offer, and learning life-long lessons along the way. In several ways, I’m reminded of myself when I read about Becky Brandon, a main character in several novels, including one that is titled Shopaholic to the Stars, which depicts adventures and misadventures in life, and the experiences we gain by looking life in the face when confronted. Becky Brandon has just moved to Hollywood, and it’s so exciting!

The literary mind behind the Confessions of a Shopaholic book series is the opportune British writer Sophie Kinsella. These books are great for certain types of shopaholics like myself. I initially discovered her after watching the movie of the same title, which was released in the United States when I was 29 years old. As the story unfolded, I found the narrative so compelling. In the end, Becky comes out wiser and smarter at the end of the story. It draws a lot of real life parallels.

Image:  Sophie Kinsella


At first glance, many shopaholics like myself may seem very frivolous and not a whole lot more. I believe this is a misconception for many of us that were born to shop. We love great shoes, great sales and products of excellence. Being a shopaholic, I believe that for some, it’s not just about making purchases at the mall, although we do love doing that. A lot of us shopaholics believe in living the life of our dreams, not just what the present circumstances contain.



I’ll relate this further to my own personal experience. For example, when I discovered I had the opportunity to spend summer term at Harvard of my junior year of undergraduate study, I had the dreams and the hopes to go, but I didn’t have the money. I needed thousands upon thousands of dollars to fulfill my dream of earning credits from Harvard University for my minor in Foreign Studies.

One day after class, I was walking across one of the piers in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I suddenly started to cry when I realised that hard work, a scholarship and encouraging friends all contributed to making my dreams a reality. When I lived in Japan, I was so fortunate to meet so many amazing people from all over the world, including another shopaholic who liked designer shoes. I have debt, but it’s been such a priceless life experience!



In other words, part of being a shopaholic in my experience can be about the search and discovery of quality and value. The road to pursuing and experiencing the best our lives can offer us is paved with mistakes and hard lessons learned, but we shouldn’t give up just because a curve ball gets thrown our way. Shopaholics like me get up and keep trying. That’s how we see our pursuit of happiness and our lifestyle.