Residing in Gżira, Kelsey Bellante is the youngest of three sisters. Bubbly and energetic, she enjoys a range of hobbies, including modelling, water polo, dancing and experimenting with make up. Above all, she truly loves singing.



Singing is her life, and she feels grateful to God for blessing her with such an amazing talent. She started singing at the age of ten with Phyllisienne Brincat, and gained her confidence onstage after overcoming her shyness. She then started to study music more in depth, and got more involved in the music industry.



Music gave her the opportunity to travel to some amazing places and to also represent Malta. She went to Italy for Vuci del Sud, during which she was placed first. She also had an amazing time in Macedonia and Slovenia, were she also gained first place in both countries. For her latest adventure, she represented Malta in Russia were she was placed second out of a hundred competitors. These experiences have fueled her drive to succeed more and move forward in the industry, not just in Malta but also abroad. She’s lately been attending regular lessons at La Voix Music Academy under the direction of tutor Gillian Camenzuli Kerr.



You released your latest single a few weeks ago. Could you tell us a bit more about this?

This is my first ever single. A few weeks ago, Gillian introduced me to producer Rikki Lee Scicluna, who forms part of AYTO. Together, we worked on To The Whistle, which was released on the 29th June. We worked very hard together alongside Rikki Lee Scicluna, Andrew Mizzi and Claude Spiteri, who make up AYTO. Making the video wasn’t an easy job, as it involved a lot of planning and dedication. The hard work paid off, though. I’m very happy with the feedback I’m getting, and it’s amazing that after only a few days of its release, To The Whistle made it to Malta’s Bay Top 10.



Do you feel you have enough space and opportunities to spread your artistic wings in Malta?

No, not really. I think that the highest level you can achieve here is winning the Eurovision. Unfortunately, Malta has so little resources when it comes to the music industry.



If any of my readers were interested in trying to break into singing, what do you recommend they’d start with?

They’ll need to start with a few singing classes, then maybe attend a few auditions and get small roles in any competitions being produced.



What do you feel has been your greatest achievement so far?

On a personal level, becoming an aunt to my lovely nieces and nephews. Career wise, I’d say it was becoming the first Maltese artist to have won Voci Del Sud.