Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands, as well as the country’s capital. This diverse and vibrant hub has a lot to offer: a rich history, art and culture, the finest food, picturesque architecture, and its world-famous nightlife. Amsterdam has it all.



Millions of tourists flock to this European destination every year for its renowned museums and galleries, as well as the chilled atmosphere in some of its trending bars and restaurants. You can also indulge in the celebrated coffee shop culture, known not so much, ironically, for selling coffee, and waste your day away.



If your trip to Amsterdam has been inspired by the city’s incredible and stunning architecture, set yourself up for a canal boat tour. The system of the city’s canals, originally created to stimulate trade and transport, has now been recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s a perfect way to see the old canal houses, winding streets and the historic centre from a different angle. Each tour usually lasts about one to two hours.

Rijksmuseum is the biggest national museum in the Netherlands, and you’ll probably recognise the amazing building located in the city centre. Dedicated to the arts and history, it’s a place where you can explore the work of Dutch artists, and absorb the rich history of the Netherlands. Within walking distance of this landmark, you’ll find another big-hitter – the Van Gogh Museum. Here, not only will you see the famous paintings of the Dutch artist, but also explore his complex life story.

Image source: Ronald Tilleman


For all you inveterate beer drinkers, there’s an amazing behind-the-scenes guided tour at the Amsterdam Heineken Experience. Discover the centuries-old brewing traditions of the Dutch company in their first ever brewery in Amsterdam, which has now been transformed into an exhibit. It’s an insightful and interactive tour with a tasting room at the end.

As for the ubiquitous sex shops and red light districts, in my opinion, these are just tourist traps. Nonetheless, it’s still worth spending one of your afternoons taking a walk through the De Wallen – the world’s largest and the most famous red light district. Here, you’ll discover that everything you’ve probably heard is true.


Amsterdam is uniquely wonderful, so rent a bike and take a cycling city tour. This outdoor experience is something that will give you major Dutch vibes, as this mode of transport is an intrinsic part of the nation’s day to day living. However, we recommend that you don’t do it in the city centre, as it can get very busy and overcrowded. Head to the north of Amsterdam and discover a two-wheeled paradise.