There is a vast range of skincare products out there, and the choice can be overwhelming. But how often exactly should you be using them? Here’s our guide to help you navigate through the ingredients and making the right choices.


Cleanser: Start your morning off by giving your face a quick cleanse. You’ll be make up free because you’d have removed it the night before, but this will help remove any overnight sweat or any traces of night cream.

Moisturiser: Once you’ve showered, apply moisturiser to clean skin. If you’re using a day and night combination, this is when you’re naturally going to apply your day cream. Day moisturisers are lighter than night creams, and will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Eye Cream: If you’re using an eye cream, apply it in the morning after your day moisturiser.

SPF: Ideally you’d want this combined in your moisturiser so that you’re not applying too many products on your face. But if you’re skipping moisturiser, be sure to put SPF on at least.

Make up Remover: When you’re done for the day, you must remove your make up before you go to sleep. Try to stay away from wipes – they’re okay once in a while – and opt for a good cleanser. You may want to use the same one you use in the morning.

Night cream: Now would be the time to use your night moisturiser. You’ll find it thicker than your day cream, and this will give your skin a little moisture boost while you sleep.

Eye Cream: Again, you’ll want to apply some eye cream in the evening as well.


Twice weekly:

Face Scrub: Twice a week is the maximum recommended times for a face scrub in a week, unless otherwise prescribed by your skin therapist. As much as you don’t want to go overboard with exfoliation, you should still aim for at least once a week, ideally twice. This will help the skin stay fresh by removing dirt and dead skin


Face Mask: Like all skin care, you’ll need to pick a face mask to suit your skin type. This will give your routine a little boost as well as some much needed pamper time while it works its magic.




Facial: We also recommend, if possible, that you invest in a professionally executed facial every month or every two months, depending on your budget and skin condition. Discuss with your skin therapist what facial would be best to target your problem areas, and notice how they’ll be able to safely perform blackhead extractions or other specialised treatments.