Date of Birth: 7th May, 1995

Location: Attard

Star Sign: Taurus

Luke Bezzina had started running at a very young age, and always excelled over his peers in terms of speed. He began training with his coach Zeljko Aras at the age of thirteen, and two years after in 2010, Luke went for his first international competition at the FISEC games in Tours, France. “It was a spectacular experience and I swore to myself I’ll get lots of those coming my way in the future. I can say I kept that promise up till now. Three years down the line, I took part in the Small Nations Games in Luxembourg – a competition Malta takes very seriously – and I was pleased with my results, gaining silver in the men’s 4 by 100 relay.

I would say that the Olympic Games have been the biggest competition I’ve ever taken part in. Another big moment for me was this year’s National Championships where we finally had an interesting final in the 100m and some very promising results overall, which make us look forward to next season,” states Luke in this interview.


Photo of Luke Bezzina by: Pawlu Sultana


What sacrifices must you make to become a successful sprinter?

It takes focus and dedication, and that means doing away with a lot of nightlife. Another minor sacrifice is the diet, and I address this as minor because even though I crave junk food, I get along well with my healthy diet, as it makes me feel good and strong. Waking up early is probably the worst, especially when the weather’s bad. It’s worth it, though.

You replaced Kevin Moore, who’s facing doping allegations ahead of the competition. What were your reactions and was your participation announcement a big surprise to you?

I’ve never run faster than I have this season. I managed to improve my best time by quite a large margin. It was still a big surprise, but a welcome one.

What’s the most exciting part of being an athlete?

Definitely not the pre-season training! The most exciting part is the competitive season. We train much less to simply maintain all our energy and race to win. The adrenaline rush is best felt in races, and even better in those with medal chances. That’s the easy part, the one everyone sees.


Image credit: Pembroke Athleta Athletics and Triathlon


What area do you feel requires the most discipline in your sport?

There isn’t only one particular area that requires effort. There are the runs at the track, the gym sessions, the diet, proper rest and so on. All form part of the bigger picture, and I believe all must be given equal importance whether you feel like it or not. That is the discipline one learns from the sport, to do what must be done, not what you feel like doing.

How would you promote athletics to the younger generation?

To those young athletes who are hungry to run fast and aim to become Malta’s best athletes or beyond that, I would tell them that if they’re really determined to excel in what they love, they must make the hard decision and just do it. Do not miss an opportunity, ever!

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

That’s a hard one to answer, as I’m more of a day-to-day person and only plan the near future. I don’t like looking too far ahead and forget to live in the present. I do however wish to have a couple of my own businesses coming along, and hopefully if all goes as planned, I’ll still be running of course!

Image: Luke Bezzina with Bolt and Powell