We are a great and proud nation, but sometimes we really do screw things up…

Every other day, a news story about Malta crops up and all I can think is: Is this nation for real?

Well, it’s a country run by humans, so we’re bound to botch things up every now and then. So here’s my top pick of times Malta got it horribly, horribly wrong:

Environmental Welfare – When it comes to the environment, we’ve really let ourselves go. From the Azure Window in Gozo to Żonqor Point in the south of Malta, to Spring hunting still being allowed, we’ve given in to the seduction of money and greed, and forsaken Mother Nature. Where will it go next? How low will we go? Only time will tell.



Women’s Rights – From the morning-after pill to abortion, we’re totally missing the point. Feminism seems to breed fear in everyone, only, feminism is the belief that women are people, too. In a country which puts potential humans ahead of its women, maybe it’s time we started asking ourselves: Have we really learnt anything from the past 100 years?


Image source: Pinterest


Traffic – The infrastructure is crumbling around us. Main roads are closed on a daily basis, and the number of cars is going up by the millisecond. Our public transport system – try as it might – is failing to be as efficient as modern day Malta needs it to be. Each minute spent in traffic costs money. Each minute spent in traffic is a minute we won’t get back. Who will save us from ourselves?


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Panamagate – The true extent of the matter has still not hit the Maltese people. When a Minister and the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff have hidden accounts, it is you directly who they are screwing over, not businesses. As a law-abiding citizen who pays taxes, you should be outraged, even more so by the fact that nothing’s been done about the matter. Are politics worth more than the nation? It seems so!



Islamophobia – The Islamophobes in Malta are out in their droves, and they’re handing out ham butties and using the Quran to make bacon sandwiches. The hate crime is real, and it’s terrifying for both Muslims and non-Muslims. If someone is willing to disrespect someone they don’t know on the basis of religion, think what they’d do to you if you, in any way, became a threat to them.


What else do you think Malta got wrong?

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