We’ll all be sad to part with our sandals and flip flops that have graced our heels and toes this summer. This year’s selection was not only aesthetically glorious, but also embarrassingly comfortable.

From flatforms to sliders, it’s been all about giving the two fingers to the endurance of discomfort that has often plagued the fashion world. We’re now at that awkward stage where no one’s quite sure what to wear lest it rains or if the temperature’s too hot to take a parka with you. But perhaps the biggest dilemma lies in what shoes to wear. In this respect, rubber, plastic or leather sliders are ideal, as no suede or absorbent material will be ruined by puddles, and there’s less chance of you slipping than there is if you’re wearing platform heels. We recommend you keep a pair of these in your handbag, just in case the heavens decide to open up.

Here are a few of your footwear favourites for this period:

Faux Fur Sliders

Who’s the genius who came up with these? It’s a combination of a summer staple with a winter IT fabric – perfect for capricious weather. These will keep your feet warm without having to wear socks with sandals.



Faux Fur Flip Flops

The above trend also made its way into loungewear. Do you suffer from bad circulation in your feet, but it’s too hot to wear leg warmers? Here’s your answer. I’m sure your pet will have fun rubbing against these babies.

Image source: Asos


Perspex Block Heel

Some very innovative work is happening in terms of heels, with the comfortable surface area of the block heel being capitalised on as a canvas for art. The perspex heel gives the illusion of walking on air… or at least, of walking on tip toes. Some are even being jewel encrusted – hey there, twinkle toes!

Image source: Asos


V Neck Kitty Heels

These made their first appearance in 2015, but are now in full bloom. The feet are being given a cleavage of sorts that runs parallel with a pointed toe. These are often combined with a kitty heel, and the range of colours and patterns is phenomenal.

Image source: Zara


Cross Strap Pumps

This is wear your glam rock fetish joins forces with the petite ballerina flat. Many come with a leather studded strap teamed with velvet, while others come with an ankle strap. Beware though, this is dangerous territory for the cankle sufferers.

Image source: Asos


Textile Ankle Boots

Art on your feet. The array of patterns and prints on these boots will make outfit forming a doddle. All you need is a one-colour understated dress or top and trousers and a pair of these, and you’re ready to go. Let your feet do the talking.

Image source: Asos