Weeks after the start of summer, some of us are now getting a little bored of the endless BBQs, and have started preparing our kids for their return to school. Yet we’re still in that lazy mood that comes with the unrelenting heat. So if you’ve had enough of the beach and are looking for alternatives to the weekend nights, it’s time to head to the cinema for September’s and October’s likely box office hits.

Bridget Jones’s Baby

Our favourite heroine is soon back on the big screen, albeit a little older and amid the controversy surrounding how – as some journalists put it – actress Renée Zellweger does not look at all like Bridget Jones any more. Meanwhile, for Daniel Cleaver fans, this instalment will unfortunately not see Hugh Grant reprising the role, but he has been replaced by the equally dapper Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey as Jack Qwant, who is not only American and loaded, but also Darcy’s new rival in love.



The film is directed by Sharon Maguire who had previously directed Bridget Jones’s Diary, and the trailer promises us that this will be another hilarious two hours full of Bridget’s antics, even as this time she finds herself pregnant and unable to tell which of her two partners is the real daddy. Emma Thompson, who edited the script, makes an appearance in this story which is based on Helen Fielding’s original newspaper column in The Independent, rather than the third Jones book, Mad About The Boy.

We can expect Bridget Jones to be back in local cinemas, new iPad diary in hand, mid-September.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Tim Burton directs this fantasy film based on the first book in a series by Ransom Riggs. Starring Asa Butterfield (Nanny McPhee Returns; The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) as the young Jacob, the story takes us to an orphanage in Wales in 1940, where Jacob looks up a band of unusual children with peculiar powers. His own power, their guardian Miss Peregrine (Eva Green) advises, is in that he can keep the others safe from their monstrous enemies, the Hollowgasts and Wights.



A bizarre story that turns creepy at times, the teen-oriented novel is the perfect type of narrative for Burton’s magic touch. Originally targeting a release date in 2015, the date had been pushed back and forth, and the film now promises to be on the big screen at the end of September.

The Girl on the Train

Based on the book that sold eight million copies in its first year, The Girl on the Train is much anticipated by readers of Paula Hawkin’s thriller. Some details seem to have been changed, and the story was moved from London to New York, whilst a scene that is alien to the book has been added into the film. However, the trailer also seems to indicate that much of the story line remains the same.



The stars of the tale are unreliable drunk witness Rachel (Emily Blunt) and beautiful troubled Megan Hipwell (Haley Bennett). Justin Theroux (playing Rachel’s ex-husband Tom Watson) and Luke Evans in the role of Megan’s loving but overbearing husband Scott, round up the main cast, whilst Rebecca Ferguson and Edgar Ramírez also have a defining role to play.

Every day, Rachel looks out the train window as it passes the yard of her old house, where her ex-husband still lives, now with his new family. A few doors down, a new couple has moved in and she makes up stories in her mind about Megan and Scott, who she believes represent the perfect couple. Then one day, Rachel sees something worrying and Megan goes missing that same night. Waking up drunk and bruised the following day, Rachel has no recollection of what happened other than a feeling that she must somehow be involved.

Due out early in October, this is one for the mystery lovers out there.


Kindly note that release dates are tentative and subject to change.