Let’s face it, it’s not often that a hot new hairstyle is both trendy and comfortable. But long, sleek boxer braids do actually offer both style and comfort.

The boxer braid is also known as cornrows, or the double Dutch braid. There’s a whole argument on what should we call it and who originated the hairstyle in the world of beauty.

The style is most associated with female boxers, who have been rocking this hairstyle for a while now. It’s practical and ideal for gym sessions; think Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby.



It was Kim Kardashian who put the boxer braids back in the game. She was first spotted wearing the braided hairstyle when she had gone platinum blonde. Now these braids have become her signature, as her sisters Khloe and Kylie have followed suit, as has her daughter North West.



Iit’s also been a major hit amongst A-listers such as Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, Bella Hadid, Arianna Grande and many other beauties who are wearing this high-impact trend.

Though it may seem complicated, it is actually possible to recreate the style yourself without a professional’s help. Big and bold, they are undoubtedly the edgiest of plait styles. To master the biggest beauty buzz of this season you will only need a wide-tooth comb, elastics and some practice. Thanks for the inspiration, Kim.