Comedy Knights and West End veteran Thomas Camilleri has recently almost broken the Maltese side of the internet pond with a fantastically executed video (scroll to bottom to view) for soon-to-be newlyweds Robert and Charlotte.

Mr Camilleri took a fresh twist on the usual best man’s speech… and left it in the hands of the Prime Minister, the Opposition leader, and an elite selection of Maltese TV personalities.


Image source: Thomas Camilleri


In the video, which was recorded on Thomas’ iPhone, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil, Eileen Montesin, Marica Mizzi, DJ Banana, Emmy Bezzina, Peppi Azzopardi and Archbishop Msgr. Charles Scicluna were preceded by Ruth Amaira‘s news bulletin which announced the marriage of the happy couple, who became man and wife on the 27th August.


Image source: Thomas Camilleri


Ms Charlotte Munt, Robert’s bride, was given forewarning by Emmy Bezzina that her basla of a husband wears Abanderado underwear, while the groom was given the good old Maltese scolding by Marica Mizzi for choosing a barranija.

Potato sensation Michael Caruana also gave his blessing, and noted that there’s nothing quite like a Maltese husband.


Image source: Thomas Camilleri


PM Muscat gave a shout out to fellow ex-Aloysian Robert for his bravery in joining forces with an Englishwoman after Brexit, and Mr Busuttil congratulated Charlotte on an excellent choice of husband.

We’d like to wish Robert and Charlotte a very happy future together, and Thomas… We trust this will be getting a cheeky mention in the next Comedy Knights. Well done, lad!