The annual summer camp for the Salesian Brigade was a yet another success for all its participants. Held in Għajn Tuffieħa from the 8th to the 13th August, the six-day camp was jam-packed with activities for the five groups, with about sixty-five members attending at its peak.



The B Company and NCOs under Jesmond Cassar and Joe Camilleri’s leadership ensured that the camp programme featured exciting activities such as swimming, craft work, a night hike, a cooking competition, a traditional campfire complete with skits and songs, a paint fight, a wall-climbing competition, pioneering, a recycled costume competition, a volleyball tournament, a survival competition and abseiling.



Parents and friends had the opportunity to visit the camp midweek, and on the final day, the fundraiser campfire and mass at the camp amphitheatre were held. Fun games were organised for the parents, competition skits were performed and under Rhea Fenech‘s leadership, winning team Tom & Jerry was announced.

Chris Grech and Martina Borg won this year’s best male and female camper, while commanding officer Mr. J. Giorgio declared the campfire open and presented gifts and the shield to the best campers and team.



Daily camp activities included flag assemblies, cleaning duties, camp inspections, prayers, formation sessions and campfire songs preparations. Meanwhile, the leaders and kitchen team were busy making sure that the camp ran smoothly and that all meals were nutritious and ready on time.

The camp came to an end with the dismantling and transportation of all the equipment to the group’s headquarters in Sliema. The Brigade will resume its meetings on 7th October at the SB HQ at the Salesian Oratory in Sliema.



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