The dating game is so elusive. You have to go through years of wining and dining with perfect strangers, hoping the next one will be the One; you have brain-numbing highs and soul-destroying lows; and each time a relationship goes bust, you must bid farewell to a whole group of people you had gotten used to.

But what happens when two cultures mix? What happens when a foreigner dates a Maltese person? From experience, there’s a lot that needs to be explained, lest things get lost in translation!

Our Ardent Nature – We are by no means the most composed of people. We are passionate about – quite literally – everything and we’ll show you straight away. Whether it’s how we get into a relationship or how we talk about our mother’s cooking, we will put as much colour and ferocity into it as possible.



We’re Extremely Opinionated – Bring up any topic and we’ll go on a rant that will leave you baffled. We will monologue for ten minutes and then question our own views and disprove everything we’ve just said. We have opinions about the homeless of London, and those who live in Silicon Valley; on Britney Spears’ new album and the late John Lennon. Simply put: never expect a comment to go unanswered or unchallenged.

We’re Bloody Loud – No, I’m not accusing my mother of murder, I’m just telling her how much I’m enjoying the holiday with you. We’re just loud by nature – and you have to be, or you’ll never manage to utter a complete sentence without someone else interrupting you!



We’ll Speak in Maltese, Thank You Very Much – We’re English-speaking most of the time, but as soon as a foreigner joins the group, the conversation automatically turns to Maltese. Don’t worry, we’re most likely not talking about you or trying to exclude you. We’re just talking about the latest scandal and we’re not sure how you feel about it.

Our Families Are A Big Part of Our Lives – Sunday lunches are still important, and family BBQs take place on a weekly basis. We hate it as much as you do, but don’t try talking us out of them — blood, in this case, will run thicker than water.

We’ll Tell You Everything We Know About Your Country – “You’re from France? Oh! I’ve been to Paris. The Mona Lisa is quite small, isn’t it? What do you think about the French Revolution? Napoleon spent two years dominating us… What’s your opinion of him?” We’re just trying to be nice and show you we care; love us for it!

We’re Awesome – You’ll probably never find another people who are so willing to show you their culture, food, traditions, monuments or historical places. We will laugh when you butcher swear words in Maltese, but we’ll ask you to repeat them often because it’s so damn hot. We’ll fall for your accent and question ours every step of the way. And, if things go well, we will love you just as much as we love a dish of imqarrun.



What else makes dating a Maltese person special?

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