University of Malta Racing has recently raised funds through local platform ZAAR to design, build and race a Formula-style car in an international competition.

The crowdfunding campaign led by a group of University students who make up the University of Malta Racing team has whizzed forward to reach 100% and more of the €5,000 goal it had set itself to collect. The young team of enthusiasts can now complete the design and build of a lighter, faster and stronger car than the ones they’ve previously competed with in the worldwide Formula SAE competition.

As the Business Team Leader of UoMR Matthew Buhagiar said, “This time round, the car will be built over two years instead of one, in the hope of improving the vehicle even further but also because we’re aiming to compete in two different countries.”

The competition, which is held over the summer season when universities are on recess, waves its starting flag in the US and then moves on to around eight other stops in Europe before travelling to Asia and Australia. “We’re quite a small team compared to the others out there and, until now, we’ve only competed in our neighbour’s competition in Italy. Now that we’ve secured these funds, on top of the support we had already received from other generous sponsors, we look forward to completing our new vehicle by the end of the summer,” continued Buhagiar.

The UoMR crowdfunding campaign on was launched in April with an event at the students’ workshop garage at the University, during which they also announced that the Ministry of Education would be sponsoring the team for the third-time running. The launch included an exhibition of the three cars that the team had built so far, but also showcased the process of building a formula-style vehicle through various designs and parts.



The Formula SAE competition is organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers, which is the highest authority in automotive engineering worldwide, and participation gives these students priceless exposure, not only to huge companies in the automotive industry like Dallara, Lamborghini, Ferrari and BMW, but also with regard to opportunities to network and establish contacts, both with these companies and with other more experienced teams.

Commenting about yet another successful campaign on, manager Matthew Caruana said that they are “enthusiastic about supporting great initiatives like the UoMR’s campaign. Our platform puts its expertise at the campaigns’ disposal, offering not only promotion through our social media channels, but also through our contacts with the Malta Business Bureau and local businesses.”

The Formula car project has been made possible through the University of Malta and its Research Trust (RIDT), the team’s University advisor Dr Ing Maurizio Fenech, as well as many staff members. The team’s main sponsors include The Ministry for Education and Employment, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Enemed, Tek-Moulds Precision Engineering, PwC Malta, Adpro-Instruments Ltd, Continental Cars Ltd, RS Components, Würth Malta, Talocan Ltd and QFree Traffiko.

If you’d like to contribute further to the campaign, please visit their respective ZAAR page.